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Quality Procedures & Policies

Quality Principles & Procedures
Gilboa Engineering Consulting Ltd is operation in the Quality fields through the activity: ISO-9001-Practice.
SO-9001-Practice ( is specialized with publishing and writing Company Quality Principles & Procedures.
We have set of Company Quality Documents that can be adopted to your company profile.
We have documents in English and in Hebrew language.
Quality Principles 
The term “principles” means a basic foundation of beliefs, truths... upon which others are based. One method for the leaders (the quality manager and others) of the organization to gain “the truth.” A collective philosophy will be developed and shared with the organization.

A common vision for the company will be developed and shared. In general, the total quality effort will stress some of the following points:
  • Customer satisfaction is a key
  • Defects must be prevented
  • Manufacturing assumes responsibility for quality
  • The process must be controlled
  • Every one participates in quality
  • Quality is designed into the product
  • TQ is a group activity
  • Respect for humanity
  • Adopt a revolutionary rate of quality improvement
Quality Policies
Quality policies are often developed by top management in order to link together policies among all departments.
A document explaining the quality policy, responsibilities, rationale, and expected benefits should be explained to the company personnel.

Some sample quality policies follow:
  • The only acceptable level of defects is zero
  • We will meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Defective products will not be shipped
  • We will not ship anything before its time
  • We will build relationships with our customers
  • We will ensure that quality is never compromised