Why choosing Gilboa Engineering Consulting? 
Update: Feb 2018
Gilboa Engineering Consulting LTD (GECL) is in shutdown process.
Thanks for all our customers and suppliers.
  • We have technical experience over 20 years on the fields of Defense Technology.
  • Supporting companies to  focus on their Core Business, and let us do support work.
  • Providing high quality technical services for Business Development, System Engineering, Technical consulting and Marketing.
  • Quality Procedures and Policies writing (in English and in Hebrew) for companies.
  • We give you solutions according to your requirements, in reasonable price, and in short time.
What makes us different?
  • We have experience with Procedures an Policies writing, knowing the required fields, together with fast documents delivery.
  • The technical knowledge and experience to the system level together with understanding the operation constrains make the different.
  • We understand the needs of our customer and find him the suitable solution by using Israeli technologies.
  • We can take the "wording" of the operator or the operational person and translate them to technical requirements.
  • Supporting costumers from the project starting till delivering and supporting activities.