About Us

גלבוע ייעוץ הנדסי בע"מ

Update: Feb 2018
Gilboa Engineering Consulting LTD (GECL) is in shutdown process.
Thanks for all our customers and suppliers.

Why Us?

Gilboa Engineering Consulting Ltd provides outsourcing services for the Defense and Energy industries such as System Consulting, Technical Writing, Training and Marketing assistance, System Engineering and Obsolesce searching & purchasing.

We provide services for customers that require:
  • Expertise in System Engineering and quick technical solutions
  • Intensive technical assistance for short time
  • Marketing Communication (MARCOM) Assistance 
  • High quality documents in short time
  • Expertise in PDF, OCR
  • Minimize the costs of designing and delivering high quality documentation
  • Focusing on the engineering and production
  • Full turn key for locating, purchasing and supplying obsolesce parts
  • Technology Representative in the Defense and Energy fields
Gilboa Engineering Consulting ltd was established by Dan Gilboa in 2010.

Company's activities and Services:

  • Company Representation
  • Business Development
  • System Engineering
  • Technical Specifications writing
  • Technical proposal writing
  • Training course (material and conducting)
  • Project Management
  • Sub-contractors Management
  • Acceptance tests with costumers in Israel and abroad
  • Expertize with Obsolete items solution


Work can be done at various level of classification (in a company premises or out) according to the requirements.

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